Идиомы на тему: «Describing people»

1) Born with a silver spoon in your mouth

Someone who is «born with a silver spoon in their mouth» is born into a very rich family.

Example: He’s never had to worry about money – he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

2) Not cut out for something

If someone «isn’t cut out for something», they can’t do that particular thing.

Example: He started out studying law, but soon realized he wasn’t cut out for it.

3) Jack of all trades

«Jack of all trades» is someone who can do many different things, but who isn’t very good at any of them.

Example: Frank is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades – he can fix all sorts of things, but if you’ve got a serious problem, I’d call an expert.

4) Happy-go-lucky

A «happy-go-lucky» person is always happy and cheerful.

Example: She’s a happy-go-lucky sort of person – always in a good mood.

5) Loose cannon

Someone who is a «loose cannon» is unpredictable and you can’t trust them. They also often get into trouble.

Example: I wouldn’t send him to the conference – he’s a bit of a loose cannon, especially after he’s had a few drinks.

6) Quick temper

If someone has a «quick temper», they get angry very easily.

Example: I don’t like discussing politics with him because he has got such a quick temper.

7) Stickler for the rules

Someone who is a «stickler for the rules» does everything according to the rules and won’t let anyone do anything differently.

Example: Make sure you write down how many books you’ve taken from the store cupboard – Ms. Benson is a real stickler for the rules.

8) Tough cookie

A «tough cookie» is someone who is self-confident and ambitious and who will do anything necessary to get what they want. 

Example: She’ll go far in life I’m sure – she is a real tough cookie!